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The Business of Confidence

Smart Communicating for Successful Relationships

Meet JP Reynolds

In order to understand who I am . . .


you need to know that while I was born and raised in the Bronx, I think of my life as pre-Chuuk and post-Chuuk. Chuuk is an island nation in the Federated States of Micronesia, 662 miles east of Guam. It’s a remote part of the Pacific, known primarily to scuba divers . . .

My MISSION is to improve the quality of life for clients by coaching them in smart, effective communication skills.

My APPROACH helps people focus on the root of all relationships — communication –  in order to gain traction on their professional and personal relationship goals.

My UNIQUE VALUE is in helping people find the satisfaction of knowing that their work expresses a valued part of who they are. 

My CORE BELIEF is that if old patterns of communicating are not giving you desired results, then these are simply bad habits.  And all habits can be replaced. 




Treat yourself to the confidence that comes from committing to what you’ve been reluctant to pursue because of baseless fear!



Challenge your team to

go from good to great by challenging them to find new ways to be their best.



Engage. Motivate. Cheer.
Experience what can happen when PowerPoint Slides

are tossed aside!


I’m often asked:

“Can people really break through fear and grow in confidence?” 

The answer is – “YES!” 

While most clients come to me looking for help in “what to do” ultimately, they realize the real question is, “who do I want to be?” 

I help you answer that question as you learn to upend fear and strategize your communication so as to gain traction on your goals.

Here’s what some of the folks I’ve partnered with have had to say. . .

You reminded me and my team that at the base of all our work is learning how to understand and be understood. The shared experience of the past two days, the collaborative review of the reality of our work, the accumulation of those “A- Ha” moments defined our time together and I know will allow us to go forward.


Purchase & Supply Manager, Hilton Hotels Corp. World Headquarters

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