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Executive Coaching

I work with professionals who are great at what they do and yet struggle with communicating and executing as effectively as they could. 

Clients who work with me can expect to become more effective in managing colleagues, key stakeholders and customers in that they’ll communicate, execute and lead with clarity, gracious assertiveness and confidence.

Within the framework of the coaching relationship, I give a structure of support in which I help you:

  • Read people with insight

  • Listen strategically

  • Align your non-verbal with the verbal

  • Understand and adapt to different conversational styles 

  • Speak without ambiguity 

  • Assert yourself by saying “no” and meaning it

  • Implement clear strategies for resolving destructive conflict 

  • Avoid the pitfalls of emotional blackmail

  • Make every meeting matter

Check out my post: “10 Things Trustworthy, Trust-Generating Pros Do” and then contact me to learn how I can help you become that stand-out!

Presentational Coaching

You know that most business presentations are dreadful. How many have you sat through where your mind started wandering just minutes into the talk?

While people may be impressed with your fancy PowerPoint slides, no one will ever enter into a business relationship with you based simply on the polish of those slides!

People will be moved to do business with you only if they trust you.

I teach you how to create that kind of trust by expressing YOU and your ideas with engaging, strategic confidence. I show you how to:

  • Conquer nervousness 

  • Overcome self-consciousness

  • Craft talking points that are memorable

  • Design a clear road map for your key points

  • Tell a story that makes you authentic and engaging 

  • Answer spontaneous questions confidently

  • Align your non-verbal with your verbal

  • Manage the impressions you create

Read my post, "Magic Mountain, Public Speaking and Other Fears" – and then contact me to explore how I can help you overcome baseless fear and  find your voice.

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