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I grew up in a home of storytellers. My mother. My two grandmothers. My three aunts. Larger-than-life women who could spin a soap opera from observations that even Sherlock would have missed.

Then there were those years I lived in the South Pacific on an island that seemed to float in the middle of nowhere. Chuuk – a land of song, dance and legend. While sipping coconuts I experienced how words create reality. 

My talks and presentations spotlight issues at the heart of business leadership and fulfillment. 

Here is a sampling of titles I’ve presented to groups ranging from 8 to 800:

  • Creating Trust – What Makes The Best Pros Best

  • Staying Sane When People Are Driving You Crazy 

  • What Island Life Taught Me About Life and Business

  • Making Confidence Simple

  • Lies We Whisper To Ourselves – And How They Trip Us Up

  • RBF – And Other Non-Verbal Curses

Watch the video clip to get a sense of me in action and then contact me to learn how I can engage your people with story, exercise and insight.

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