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Business is all about developing and nourishing relationships within the organization and with key stakeholders and clients. Successful companies understand that these relationships are built on smart, healthy communication strategies.

For 20 + years I've created training programs and workshops for a diversity of corporate clients ranging from Fortune 500 to the not-for-profit.  
Well known organizations like Nielsen Media, Managed Health Concepts, Citibank, Rand Corporation, DirectTV, The Getty, Hilton Hotels, The Analysis Group and Veterans Administration have benefitted from my tailored business communication and leadership training programs.

Programs are flexibly crafted to hourly, multiple day and on-going monthly commitments as is necessary for reaching success. I offer an array of opportunities and programs including:

  • Taking fear out of cultural diversity

  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence

  • Dealing effectively with conflict and disagreement

  • Enhancing listening skills to create rapport

  • Generating team dynamics and partnerships

  • Selling through storytelling

  • Choosing courage to make ethical decisions

Enjoy my post, “12 Most Assured Ways Confident People Telegraph Confidence” and then contact me to learn how I can customize a training program that will help your organization build the relationships it needs to thrive. 

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