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Meet JP Reynolds


In order to understand who I am . . .

you need to know that while I was born and raised in the Bronx, I think of my life as pre-Chuuk and post-Chuuk. Chuuk is an island nation in the Federated States of Micronesia, 662 miles east of Guam. It’s a remote part of the Pacific, known primarily to scuba divers

Soon after college I was given the opportunity to teach at Xavier High School in Chuuk. I had the good fortune to live there when technology was limited – no TV, one radio station, no local papers, mail once a week and no Internet. It was a magical time!

It was when I learned that story creates reality; that resourcefulness is at the heart of transformation; that there really is no time like the present; and that hospitality is most gracious when found in the ordinary routine of daily life.

I returned to the States to study theology in preparation for ordination to Catholic priesthood (Jesuit Order). Within a week of landing in NYC I saw that technology was impacting life in ways I had forgotten all about while sipping coconuts in Chuuk.


I did theology exploring how technology influences the way people do ritual and form community. Studies at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley goaded me on to grad work in communication management at USC’s Annenberg School of Communication. Eventually I resigned from ministry (too many theological differences to hold in respectful tension). 


Today I partner with business professionals in helping them change self-sabotaging beliefs so as to develop confidence, responsibility and effectiveness in their relationships.

My clients develop the courage to make possible what had seemed impossible by committing to pursue goals that align with their personal values.

Having worked and traveled extensively through the East Asia Pacific Rim I also am able to help professionals acquire global, cross-cultural skills. 

Having developed a deep foundation in Bregman Leadership Coaching methodology, my coaching and training programs benefit a diversity of corporate clients, ranging from Fortune 500 to the not-for-profit who work in the arenas of finance, law, hospitality, consumer goods, entertainment and professional sports.

My commonsense style and New York humor guide clients as they expand their repertoire of communication skills and “find their voice” by growing in self-awareness, adaptability, and strategy. 

In addition to my Business of Confidence endeavors, I lecture on business, leadership and cross-cultural communication at UCLA Extension School.

My MISSION is to improve the quality of life for clients by coaching them in smart, effective communication skills.

My APPROACH helps people focus on the root of all relationships — communication –  in order to gain traction on their professional and personal relationship goals.

My UNIQUE VALUE is in helping people find the satisfaction of knowing that their work expresses a valued part of who they are. 

My CORE BELIEF is that if old patterns of communicating are not giving you desired results, then these are simply bad habits.  And all habits can be replaced. 

Are you ready to make a change in the quality of your life?

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